Card Holder Wallet Wholesale

Card Holder & Wallet for Men and Women Wholesale

We sell card holders and accessories wholesale. If you have another model’s photos you can send us to check our stocks. You can order sample product to check quality and design.

A card holder and wallet can hold important items that need or want to be carried, such as IDs and credit cards. Our card holders and wallets draw attention as accessories that reflect your style, in addition to ensuring that the necessary objects are always ready for use. You can use these models, which carefully crafted from high quality materials, in accordance with your clothing preferences and usage needs. You can use the card holder and wallets to make payments and share business cards, and they are small enough to fit in your trouser or jacket pocket. In stylish models, you can carry the notes and photos you want to carry with you all day.

We provide a sample product upon request to ensure that the they are exactly the ones you searching.

For more information on our card holders and wallets please contact us via our website contact form or WhatsApp.