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We sell wholesale wallets for men and women. If you have another model’s photos you can send us to research stocks. You can order sample product to check quality and design.

The wallet, which is one of the items we always have with us, is an important detail in creating accessorized elegance. Our company, which is known for its highly professional and masterful products, also meticulously produces stylish and elegant men and women wallets. We sell wallets in eye catching colors and textures by combining our stylish designs with high quality materials.

While we sell small and thin wallets for those who prefer to carry the wallet in their side and back pockets, we also sell large zipped models for those who prefer to use the wallet as an accessory or a bag. We also offer the chance to send sample products to our customers who want to see the texture and quality of the product in person.

In order to have these wallets that fascinate with their quality and elegance, it is enough to contact us via our website or the WhatsApp number above.

Contact us to view our wallet models catalog and to ask your questions:

Whatsapp: +90 535 335 30 86

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