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Wholesale Handbags and Leather Products Manufactured in Istanbul

Our company is one of the largest and most dynamic companies involved in the manufacture of real leather and PU (synthetic leather) bags. We are rightly regarded as one of the leading companies in the industry.

All of our products are manufactured with the latest technology in Istanbul.

The company’s fully trained and highly skilled staff; combining artistic skill and technique, using the highest quality raw materials and applying the most advanced manufacturing techniques, creates unique creations in leather.

Our team has been dedicated to producing our leather handbags according to the needs of our customers. We prioritize the needs and taste of our customers based on their requests. We strongly encourage our customers to share their favorite designs and sizes with us.

The pieces containing plain fashionable colours take the leading role, defining the modern line of urban looks. Suede bags, geometrical patterns, quilted bags and sophisticated designs complete your look. Your wardrobe essentials are waiting for you at our store throughout the opening of the season.

Our bags are the main elements of your stylish look. We have accomplished several styles that have become iconic such as the everyday models or working life models over the years. You can come across a long time favorite day bag that has been re-edited by us.

Contact us for your private label, sample, and wholesale bag manufacture requests.